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Science centre in Ventspils

Type : Science
Object : Science center
Location : Latvia
Area : 6 500 m2
Started : 2015
Finished :

The contemplated scientific centre is going to be located near one of the entrances into the city, representing the city’s most important technologies. The building consists of a horizontal volume where the scientific centre is going to be located, and an office tower, which is also going to house the research centre. Innovative appearance of the building is going to reflect its experimental and scientific theme and the futuristic purpose thereof. The territory adjacent to the building is going be water-themed, thus reflecting the connections between the city and the sea, whereas the building will be accessible by means of a pedestrian bridge, which is going to give the impression that a person approaches something new and innovative. Apart from that, the territory is also going to include a number of playgrounds and facilities, providing the citizens with new leisure locations.