Reconstruction of Komunala street | REM PRO

Reconstruction of Komunala street

Type : Infrastructure
Object : Komunala & Skolas street
Location : Latvia/Daugavpils
Area : 1 415 m
Started : 2015
Finished :

The driveway of Komunala Street is going to be reconstructed within the section stretching from the railway crossing in Niderkuni to the crossroads with Skolas Street. The project provides for the driveway to be broadened to 7-7.5 m, along with the improvement of bicycle and pedestrian paths and the performance of asphalt works on the streets crossing the street under design.

Reconstruction of the urban traffic infrastructure contributes to the renewal of urban environment, increased attractiveness of the city, mobility of the population and the opportunity for the inhabitants of the city and the region to get high-quality services.

Total street length – 1 415.0 m;
Total work area – 27 563.0 m2, including:
Area of the driveway coated with asphaltic concrete – 10 772.0 m2;
Area of the sidewalk coated with asphaltic concrete – 3 910.0 m2;
Area of the roadside – 2 096.0 m2;
Area of the lawn – 10 785.0 m2.
Pedestrian safety barriers and crash barriers – 2 106 m.

External engineering networks:
Storm drain sewer networks – 519.50 m;
Power supply networks – 183.0 m;