Reconstruction of Bruģu Street section in Daugavpils | REM PRO

Reconstruction of Bruģu Street section in Daugavpils

Type : Bulding
Object : Promenade near the Daugava river
Location : Latvia/Daugavpils
Length : 1,2 km
Started : 2018
Finished : 2019

Reconstruction of Bruģu Street from 18 November to Vesvada Street, as well as rebuilding of Dzirnavu Street from Middle to Bruģa Street. The result of the project is a landscaped promenade on the bank of the Daugava, in the Gajok industrial area, which had been overgrown before construction, an unpaved trail.

The 1.2-kilometer-long promenade has a pedestrian walkway and a cycle path. Both granite chisels and concrete cobblestones were used for the paving. Rainwater sewerage system installed. The edge of the promenade facing the Daugava is equipped with a safety barrier. During the construction of the support wall, the stone slope was restored. There are benches and exercise equipment in the walking area. Interesting design lighting fixtures attract attention. The area is landscaped and landscaped.