Production building on Mendeleyeva Street | REM PRO

Production building on Mendeleyeva Street

Type : Industry
Object : Industrial zone
Location : Latvia/Daugavpils
Area : 5879 m2
Started : 2018
Finished :

Industrial building is designed on the land owned by Daugavpils City Council, as well as on the project territory, in accordance with the agreement between Daugavpils City Council and the owners of adjacent land plots. It includes adjacent sections of land to ensure proper access to the site. The adjacent areas are dominated by industrial construction.

The project will create driveways in the area. Access to the production facility is provided from Mendelejeva Street (direct connection) and Višķu Street (connection is made by intersecting adjacent land plots). The solution of the master plan provides easy access to the building according to the planned zoning, as well as suitable maneuvering areas for transport equipment, parking lot for the employees of the production unit, territory improvement.