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Orphanage in Naujiene

Type : Education
Object : Orphanage building
Location : Latvija/Naujiene
Started : 2018
Finished : 2019

The project has increased the energy efficiency of the building, including work was carried out on the insulation of external walls, window openings, basement walls and attics, as well as the replacement of all windows and external doors with new PVC windows and PVC doors. As part of the project, premises were reconstructed to create a kindergarten closer to the family environment. Separate partitions were dismantled in the basement of the building, three pantries, a cleaning room and a heating installation were installed. On the first floor, the side panels of the building were completely redesigned, while the middle floor of the first floor of the building retained part of the space, the layout of the second floor was practically preserved except for the extension. The elevator is built in accordance with the requirements of environmental accessibility.