Nautreni Secondary School | REM PRO

Nautreni Secondary School

Type : Izglītības
Object : Skola
Location : Latvija/Rēzekne
Area : 2 700 m2
Started : 2014
Finished : 2015

Construction supervision over the reconstruction works on secondary school buildings in the Rezeknes Region. The purpose of this project is to increase the availability of public services in the Rezekne Region through correlating general secondary education with business development. Reconstruction of the dormitory building of the Nautreni Secondary School involved weatherproofing of the facade, construction of a new roof for the sake of energy efficiency. The building of the school itself has undergone weatherproofing works on the facade and basement floor thereof. Reconstruction of a 0.3 km stretch of the Skolas Street in the village of Nautreni has also been completed within the period provided for by the design. The project has resulted in increased availability of public services, premises of the secondary school were fitted out to suit the needs of school education and production enterprises. Apart from that, special rooms were arranged as contact points between education and business. Total work area within the buildings – 2 692.7 m2. Total street length – 300 m.