Gymnasium canteen extension | REM PRO

Gymnasium canteen extension

Type : Education
Object : School/Gymnasium
Location : Latvia/Rezekne
Started : 2019
Finished : 2019

An extension of the building to the existing gymnasium building was designed, blocking it from the south, along the southern part of the territory along Lubanas Street. The area has a gym and auxiliary building.
Entrance and entrance area is from Rainis and Lubanas Street, providing access by road and on foot. The new project volume is located closer to the entrance and entrance of Lubanas Street. It is planned to change the configuration of the existing pedestrian walkway, dividing it at the pedestrian entrance gate in two directions – the existing one on one side of the building, the new one on the annex entrance. Both sections will be paved. Renovation of existing asphalt pavement and lawn after construction.
The size of the annexe occupies the currently vacant space between the part of the building – the standing hall (which is connected to the ground-floor gallery) and the existing dining room. You can currently navigate below the gallery.
Existing sewerage networks and water pipeline have been dismantled and relocated.
The existing building’s ballroom is connected to the main volume of the building with an “air” passage, allowing it to move freely underneath and enter the courtyard of the building, which houses a well-groomed garden. The planned redevelopment, blocking the halls and the size of the existing canteen, intends to cancel this passage.