8 schools renovation & reconstruction | REM PRO

8 schools renovation & reconstruction

Type : Educational
Object : 8 schools
Location : Latvia
Area : 10 500 m2
Started : 2012
Finished : 2015

The project is going to involve infrastructure development activities in eight education institutions of the Daugavpils Region: Simplified renovation of the Spogi Secondary School; reconstruction of the Laci Primary School building (stage 1); simplified reconstruction of the Bikernieki Primary School building; simplified renovation of the Medumi Secondary School building; simplified renovation of the Saliena Secondary School building; simplified renovation of the Zemgale Secondary School building in the Demenes Parish; renovation of the Vabole Primary and Secondary School building; reconstruction of the Kalupe Primary School building.
The main objective of the project is the development of infrastructure of educational institutions within the territory of the Daugavpils Region, improvement of the aesthetic and functional quality of physical environment, including the improvement of quality of education services and reduction of the municipality’s expenses incidental to the maintenance of school buildings.