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Tramways in Liepaja

Type : Infrastructure
Object : Railway road
Location : Latvia
Started : 2015
Finished :

In accordance with the design assignment, the reconstruction of tram tracks is scheduled on Liela Street, from the University of Liepaja to the New Harbour Seafront at Rigas Street, including a tram bridge over the Tirdzniecibas Channel. The contemplated tram track near the New Harbour Seafront connects to the border of the earlier tram track reconstruction project. The contemplated tram track connects to the existing tracks within the transitional section, outside the boundaries of the project. The transitional section on Liela Street near the University of Liepaja is 27.14 m long. This is arranged in order to match the 2.80 m wide contemplated track with the existing rail track. The project also provides for the reconstruction of the tram overhead wiring, installation of lighting fixtures (including those placed at pedestrian crossings), storm water drain construction and the amelioration of the adjacent territory. A draft amelioration design has also been developed for the Ostmalas 39 promenade in accordance with the design assignment.