Riga State Technical School buildings | REM PRO

Riga State Technical School buildings

Type : Education
Object : Technical college
Location : Latvija/Riga
Area : 1250,10 m2
Started : 2019
Finished :

Within the framework of the project, accessibility of the environment, simplified renovation of utilities, sanitary facilities, staircases and corridors are preserved in the PIKC “Riga State Technical School”, interconnected buildings at 1C Kr.Valdemara Street, 2 Warehouse Street and 1A Kronvalda Boulevard, Riga. The building on Kr.Valdemara Street and Warehouse Street is included in the list of local architectural monuments under protection no. 8295, 7442 and UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site Nr. 852 Riga Historical Center in the protection zone. The Kronvalda Boulevard 1A building is located in the Cultural Monument Conservation Area but is not classified as a monument.