Masterplan in Samara | REM PRO

Masterplan in Samara

Type : Residential/Retail
Object : Samara
Location : Russia
Area : 500 000 m2
Started : 2014
Finished :

Samara is nowadays one important city in Russia, continuously growing across the decades in political, social, economic and cultural magnitude. Architecture and urbanism follow, as always, this transformation.
In that sense, REM PRO conducted a large-scale study for a disregarded site within the city, given the opportunity to participate actively in the desire to provide a modern urban setting to this specific area.

The fusion between this area and the rest of the city was also a challenge which was accomplished given to the attention and analysis to the soviet pattern that spreads all across the latter.

Dynamic urban environment, greenery, pedestrian concerns and mixed-use were all keywords that ruled this project.