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Construction College

Type : Educational
Object : Vocational School
Location : Latvia
Area : 12 100 m2
Started : 2013
Finished : 2015

The construction project is divided into the following stages: stage I – construction of a new information center building for the vocational school, external engineering networks. Stage II – reconstruction of the hostel and energy efficiency improvement measures. Stage III – development of the territory of the outer courtyard, dismantlement of training workshops, reconstruction/erection of training workshops. Stage IV – parking lot at the road construction and mechanics workshop, erection of the new building of the road construction and mechanics workshop, development of the territory of the inner courtyard. Stage V – dismantlement of the maintenance building/guard shack, dismantlement of the maintenance building, dismantlement of the construction depot, dismantlement of the barn, dismantlement of training workshops. Stage VI – development of the school territory, arrangement of a parking lot with a capacity of 80 vehicles. The facade is cold-insulated with stone wool, plastered and painted. The planning solutions for the building and for the access thereto are developed with an eye towards the accessibility of the maximum number of rooms by the physically impaired. The layout is easily comprehensible, so that people with impaired vision would have no trouble getting around the building. Floors, walls and doors are painted in contrast colors.